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“Vote The Policies” Is The Perfect Message For Non- MAGA Americans Who Are Concerned About Biden’s Age Or Disagree With Him On One Issue.  The Majority Of Americans Agree With President Biden Over Trump On The Majority Of Policies That Matter To Them Most. Trump Has Convinced His Followers That Immigration Is The Greatest Threat To The Survival Of America. He Has Convinced Them That Sensible Gun Reform Will Result In The Loss Of Their Second Amendment Rights.However, In The Areas Of Competence, Compassion, And Patriotism Trump Is Still The Clear Loser.

If you are attracted to a personality type that is loud, crude, combative, arrogant, and ominous, then Trump may be the perfect candidate for you. His supporters see his bombastic behavior as strong and funny, and his attacks on people and rejection of norms evoke powerful emotions in them. They also believe that he will protect them from an unknown threat. However, this is sadly false hope, as Trump’s promises often do not come to fruition.

On the other hand, President Joe Biden is not bombastic or aggressive. He sees men who behave in this manner as insecure and lacking integrity. Instead, he is soft-spoken, compassionate, and dedicated to serving the public rather than himself. He also possesses a sharp intelligence, unlike Trump’s immature and crude humor. At rallies, his supporters cheer and laugh at his jokes, similar to middle school kids hearing a cuss word for the first time.

Trump has lied to his supporters, claiming that the election was stolen without any evidence to support this claim. He incited them to go to the Capitol and “fight like hell” to take back their country. He also falsely claimed that Vice President Mike Pence had the power to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral win. As a result, the Capitol Building was vandalized, law enforcement was physically attacked, and Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi were hunted by armed rioters. Trump did nothing to stop the insurrection for 186 minutes.

When it comes to policies, Biden is the clear winner. He supports gun reform, abortion rights, voting rights, higher wages, childcare, lower prescription drug prices, access to affordable healthcare, and protecting global democracies. On the other hand, Trump has manipulated his base into believing that he is the champion of immigration reform, when in reality, he supports an anti-constitutional ban on all immigration. He also boasts about being responsible for the overturning of Roe v Wade, opposes any changes to gun regulations, and aligns with dictators as a foreign policy strategy. He also supports eliminating parts of the Constitution, opposes the two-party system of government, believes a president should be immune from criminal prosecution, and declares America as a white-Christian nation. However, the majority of Americans oppose these policies.

Under Biden’s leadership, a woman’s right to reproductive freedom will be protected, as he supports the Constitution. He has also introduced an immigration reform bill, but it has been rejected by Republicans. Despite this, Biden remains committed to finding a bipartisan solution to border reform. However, Congress is currently signaling that they will not support it, which is a constant obstacle for any president trying to reform the immigration system. 

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