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Trump Supporters Listen! He Is Lying To You, And You’re Falling For It. THERE IS NO TRUTH TO HIS SAYING, “They Are Not Coming After Me; They Are Coming After You.” That’s A False Narrative To Portray Himself As A Victim And Martyr. He Sees His Supporters As Gullible Children He Can Easily Control And Scare With Lies. All Immigrants Are Not Dangerous Terrorists Coming To Kill Us And Blow Up America. Kids Stop Believing Everything They Are Told By Age Seven.

Can you imagine how Democrats would react if President Biden was guilty of the same acts as Trump? As a patriotic Republican, why do you continue to support a candidate with a history of four indictments, 91 criminal charges, and convictions in civil cases for fraud and sexual assault? These questions challenge the blind loyalty of Trump supporters and their willingness to overlook his actions. Would you want your daughter to date someone accused of the same crimes as Trump? Why do you believe everything Trump says without asking for evidence? Would you still support him if he was proven to be a sexual assaulter, profited from the presidency, admired Hitler, planned to overturn the 2020 election, and wanted to cut social programs for the lower middle class in rural America? The Presidential Records Act prohibits the president from taking classified documents from the White House. Have you read this law and do you think Trump should be prosecuted if he broke it? If you saw evidence of Trump sharing classified information with foreign leaders, would you be concerned or think it was acceptable? Do you think it is appropriate for a president to speak disrespectfully and use name-calling and threats? Should there be a requirement for presidents to pass a test on American history and the Constitution? Would you be comfortable with Trump inviting foreign autocrats and dictators into the White House? Do you believe a president should have immunity from prosecution for any crime during or after their presidency? Would you support a traditional, non-MAGA Republican as president? Have you benefited from Biden’s stock market? If Trump asked you to decline those profits because he believes Biden is not the legitimate president, would you do it? Have you ever had health insurance through Obamacare? Do you agree with the Republican policy to raise the age of eligibility for Social Security to 70? How do you explain Trump’s failure to fulfill his promises to build a wall and pass infrastructure legislation? Do you think Trump should provide evidence when he accuses President Biden of corruption and criminal behavior? How do you feel about Trump watching the attack on the Capitol and not taking action to stop it? Trump believes a president should have unlimited power. If you agree, would you support Biden having Trump arrested while awaiting trial? Do you have any concerns about Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, receiving a $2 billion loan for his business? 

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