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Trump Made Efforts This Week To Force Congress To Kill A Conservative- Leaning Immigration Reform Bill Because He Doesn’t Want To Give Biden A Win. President Obama Told Us, “Trump Is Not An Ideologue.” That Was His Tactful Way Of Saying, ” “Trump Doesn’t Care About Issues Or Policies. He Only Cares About Himself And Power. “THE BIG LIE”: The Republicans And Trump Care About Solving Immigration Crisis At The Border. Trump Wants The Bill Killed And The Corrupt House Will Kill It For Him And To Hell With Saving Lives.

The Republican party has a long history of deceiving their base about their true intentions for solving the immigration problem. While the Senate is ready to pass a bipartisan bill to address border issues, Speaker Mike Smith has declared that the bill is “dead on arrival” in the House. This is because House Republicans have given ex-president Donald Trump, who no longer holds any elected office, control over how they will vote on the bill. Despite receiving strong support from Senate Republicans and many House members, the bill was killed after Trump insisted to Speaker Johnson that it be stopped. This latest action by Republican members of Congress only serves to prove that the GOP is an anti-democratic cult that prioritizes pleasing Donald Trump above all else.

Trump and his Republican supporters often claim to only oppose illegal immigration, but their true agenda is to prevent non-white and non-Christian immigrants from entering the country. Trump’s racist rhetoric against immigrants from brown and black countries is a clear indication of his true beliefs. He uses fear-mongering tactics to manipulate his white nationalist base, who lack compassion, historical knowledge, and an understanding of American values and laws. Trump’s negative and degrading generalizations about immigrants and minority communities reveal him to be a white nationalist. He has successfully convinced his gullible base to be scared and even violent towards immigrants and minorities.

Fortunately, Trump’s declining mental acuity and impending legal convictions have led to a decrease in support for him. However, as long as immigrants are white, Trump would have no issue letting them into the country. He also supports an illegal path to citizenship for family members, further highlighting his hypocrisy. Trump’s infamous “sh*thole countries” comment was a clear dog whistle to racists, and it has unfortunately attracted many into the Republican party. For corrupt and power-hungry Republicans like Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, Trump’s racism has become an acceptable GOP ideology. Any minority who supports Trump must either have low self-esteem or be extremely gullible.

Trump’s derogatory language towards different minority groups, such as calling Hispanics “rapists and drug dealers” and referring to black people as “thugs,” reveals his true character. He has also blamed the Asian community for the Covid pandemic, further fueling discrimination and hate towards them. Trump’s rallies have been attended by Nazi groups and white nationalist militia members, further highlighting his racist beliefs. The fact that Trump was elected in the first place is a clear indication that America still has a racism problem. The Republican party’s hypocrisy and lack of understanding of what America truly stands for is evident in their actions. They claim to want to close the borders, yet they are willing to make exceptions for white immigrants. They also accuse immigrants of not paying taxes, while Trump himself has a long history of tax evasion. 

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