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Trump, Congress, the Border, and Foreign Aid (and Biden Too): Add Contents and Stir

The U.S-Mexico border in San Diego has become a hot topic in recent years due to the influx of people crossing into the United States from Mexico. This has led to a surge of debates and discussions on how to address the issue. In 2024, Congress is working on a funding bill that would allocate over $100 billion for various priorities, including aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. However, Republican lawmakers have made it a condition that the United States must also do more to secure its own borders. This has resulted in a compromise where Democrats have agreed to increase funding and implement stronger measures to address the crisis at the border. While the border issue must be addressed, it is not necessary to tie it to foreign aid. This has been the stance of President Biden and Congressional Democrats, but they have agreed to Republican demands in order to secure the foreign aid they want. This has led to a significant increase in border security measures, which is a departure from previous Democratic policies. 

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