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The “Biggest Lie” Spread By The Republican Party Is That Whatever Trump Says Is True. That Lie Has Transformed The GOP Into A Party That Aligns With The Ideologies Of Fascist Countries, American White Terrorist Militia Groups, Religious Extremists, And Conspiracy Theorists. Trump And His MAGA Movement Promote Violence Against People Who Oppose Their Ideology And Rely On Brainwashing The Desperate Working Class To Support On Their Quest For Destroying Democracy. That’s Fascism.

The false narrative of a stolen 2020 election, known as the “big lie,” has been rejected by over 60 judges from both political parties. Even members of Trump’s own administration and legal team have admitted that he lost the election, with some witnessing his reluctant acceptance of defeat. However, when Rudy Giuliani suggested that Trump simply claim victory, the fraudulent “big lie” of election fraud was born. This lie has now become the defining ideology of the white nationalist, anti-Constitution, power-hungry Republican party. Dictators are known for their use of lies, propaganda, suppression of the free press, incitement of violence against opponents, military force against civilians, opposition to diversity, and personal gain from their position of power. There is no denying that Trump fits this profile. His supporters either share his dangerous beliefs or excuse them because they hate Democrats more than they value democracy. Trump is a master manipulator, branding expert, and cult personality. He made grand promises but delivered little, except for the wealthy elite and white nationalist religious extremists. His political tactics rely on lies, false promises, and fear-mongering, targeting those who refuse to demand evidence and facts. His allies continue to repeat the lies of a strong economy, global political dominance, and commitment to the Constitution, despite evidence to the contrary. However, the unwavering loyalty of his followers and corrupt members of the GOP have emboldened him to reveal his true intentions: to become a dictator, demonize immigrants, and claim immunity for any crimes committed during his presidency. He has also been caught stealing over 100 classified documents and refusing to turn them over to the FBI. The accomplishments of past presidents serve as examples of how a leader can truly make America great, but Trump’s mentor, criminal Steve Bannon, trained him to target vulnerable Americans who fear a diverse democracy and naively believe that Trump cares about Christian values and the working class. Despite numerous civil rulings against him for defrauding people through his business ventures, his followers continue to believe his lies about being an honest and successful businessman. Videos of him boasting about his mental capacity because he passed a test designed to diagnose brain damage or dementia are not only humiliating but also a clear attempt to distract from the fact that the judicial system is dismantling all of his big lies. Trump and his corrupt allies, such as Rep. Elaine Stephanik, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Speaker Mike Johnson, are comfortable with his anti-democracy ideology and continue to spread the “big lie” that Trump is a defender of the Constitution. In his own words, Trump has proven that he is not fit to lead, and it is time for the truth to prevail. 

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