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Signs Of Donald Trump’s Mental Decline Are Abundant. His Public Behavior Is Bizarre And Self-Sabotaging. He Needs The Votes Of Women, Yet He Continues To Display  Abusive Outbursts Towards 80-Year-Old E. Jean Carroll. He Confused Nikki Haley With Nancy Pelosi, Went On A Weird Rant About Corn Not Being A Liquid, And Wrongly Said The Speaker Of The House Is Responsible For Security At The Capitol. Haley says, “We Need A President Who Is At The Top Of Their Game.”

Is Trump’s frequent misquoting of science, history, the Bible, and the Constitution a result of his lack of intelligence or mental incompetence? Does his repetitive communication style stem from a lack of relevant content or memory loss/verbal OCD? Regardless of the root cause, these behaviors are below the mental fitness levels of both current and past presidents. While Republicans question President Biden’s mental acuity and stamina, they overlook his numerous accomplishments, such as visiting war zones, negotiating international crises, and campaigning for re-election. In contrast, Trump has a history of avoiding important events, such as a memorial service for fallen soldiers, due to personal concerns. One of Trump’s strengths, however, is his ability to gaslight and manipulate the public. He idolizes dictators like Victor Orban and Vladimir Putin, and has even been quoted saying that “Hitler did some good things.” This need for approval from authoritarian leaders is a clear sign of mental instability and renders him unfit to protect America. Trump’s infamous quotes, such as “corn is not a liquid” and suggesting the use of bleach to treat COVID, further demonstrate his lack of mental competence. His statement that he knows more than the generals is also concerning and highlights his delusional and dangerous mindset. It is clear that Trump’s mental state is not fit for the role of Commander-in-Chief, and his supporters should not ignore this fact. 

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