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Sean Hannity featuring Mark Levin, “We are Close to Losing the American Dream”

We are on the brink of losing America, and it’s a danger that is closer than we could have ever imagined. We must remain vigilant against the lunatics who seek to take away our freedom. One recent example of this threat was the individual mandate of Obamacare, which forced Americans to purchase health insurance. Thankfully, our President has taken steps to dismantle this oppressive policy, but we must continue to have meaningful conversations with our politicians and hold the IRS accountable.

The Democratic Party has been taken over by Socialist Democrats who are delusional in their pursuit of progressive policies. They have been practicing a destructive form of social activism for decades, silencing anyone who stands in their way. And now, they are even asking the IRS for President Trump’s tax returns, a clear violation of privacy and an attempt to harm him.

The government and deep-state bureaucracy have interfered in the lives of American citizens, even going so far as to jail and bankrupt politicians and journalists. We are next in line if we do not wake up and take action. It’s time for a wake-up call, America. We must support President Trump and stand up against these dangerous forces that seek to destroy our country. 

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