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Samsung Partners with Batteries Plus for Battery Repairs

Samsung has joined forces with Batteries Plus to establish 35 Batteries Plus locations as Samsung Authorized Service Centers. While Samsung and Batteries Plus have been collaborating since 2018, primarily focusing on out-of-warranty repairs, this new partnership extends their services to include in-warranty repairs for Galaxy smartphones and foldables.

The technicians at the designated 35 Batteries Plus locations will undergo rigorous training to attain Certified status, which represents the highest standard for quality device repairs. This certification ensures that repairs meet Samsung’s quality standards, and some repairs may be completed on the same day.

Samsung’s standard warranty covers Galaxy smartphones and their internal batteries for one year. However, the warranty does not cover damage resulting from certain factors, such as excessive force applied to the screen or exposure to liquids like moisture or dampness. Even if a device has an IP68 ingress protection rating, it may not be impervious to all types of liquids, as IP ratings typically apply to fresh water only.

With approximately 600 Batteries Plus locations across the United States, customers can access these services with ease.

The geographical distribution of the 35 Samsung Authorized Service Centers was not immediately specified by Samsung or Batteries Plus, leaving it open to whether they will be scattered across the country or concentrated in specific regions. This partnership aims to enhance the repair and support services available to Samsung Galaxy device owners and underscores the commitment to delivering quality repairs.

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