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President Biden Is Exonerated! Republican Special Counsel Robert Hur Ruled No Criminal Charges Would Be Filed Against Biden For Having A Small Amount Of Classified Documents At His Home. Hur Said Biden Cooperated With The Investigation In Contrast To Donald Trump’s Lack Of Cooperation In His Stolen Documents Case. Hur Pointed Out Trump Withheld And Hid A Massive Amount Of Classified Documents At Mara-A-Lago. Hur’s Disappointment Over Not Being Able To Charge Biden With A Crime Caused Him To Unprofessionally Use His Report To Lable Biden As An “Elderly Man With A Poor Memory” Obviously To Please Trump.

Critics have denounced Robert K. Hur’s portrayal of President Biden’s memory as irrelevant to his report’s purpose, while others argue that his narrative was likely driven by a desire to justify not charging Mr. Biden. This decision by Hur highlights the tendency of Republicans to act with corruption and malice towards their opponents when given the opportunity. Despite finding no evidence to charge Biden, Hur chose to make damaging characterizations of his fitness for office, a tactic commonly used by Trump and his allies to deflect attention from their own wrongdoings. Attorney General Garland’s preoccupation with how his actions will be perceived by Republicans has led him to act overly cautiously, sabotaging the administration and what is best for democracy. He seems to have overlooked the fact that Republicans have already labeled him as a weaponizer against Trump. Garland’s judgment should align with what is fair and ethical, rather than pandering to Republicans who will never support him. The release of Hur’s unprofessional and partisan attacks on President Biden was a mistake that should have never happened. Biden himself emphasized that the fact that he was not charged by Special Counsel Hur is proof that his case involving documents was vastly different from Trump’s case involving stolen documents. While Trump faced numerous criminal charges, Biden promptly alerted authorities, turned over the documents, and allowed for the seizure of his personal notebooks. Both Biden and Trump are elderly and make verbal errors, but the majority of Americans from both parties would prefer to see younger candidates running for president. Hur’s attack on Biden’s memory and mental acuity has sparked a campaign among Democrats to track Trump’s own lapses in memory, incoherent ramblings, and inaccurate use of facts. The media has also begun to add the adjective “elderly” to the list of descriptors regularly used for Trump, such as “twice-impeached, four-time-indicted, liable for sexual abuse, and business fraud.” Ultimately, President Biden’s accomplishments far exceed those of Trump during his time in office, and by the 2024 election, it will be evident to the majority of Americans that Trump is mentally unfit to hold the highest office in the country. 

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