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Pixel 8 Pro Owners Encounter Pink Screen Issues with Always-On Display

While the Pixel 8 Pro boasts a bright display and an Always On Display (AOD) feature, some users have encountered an unexpected problem with pink text.

Google has yet to respond to these reports, but Reddit discussions are already active on the issue. In most cases, the pink text appears in the upper-left corner of the phone when AOD is active.

Some users have speculated that this may be related to the Pixel 8 Pro’s variable refresh rate. The problem seems to manifest when the screen operates at 1Hz, and it reportedly disappears when forced to run at 120Hz. However, this workaround may impact battery life. The inconsistency in experiencing this issue makes it challenging to pinpoint the exact cause.

Furthermore, this problem appears to occur regardless of whether the Pixel is running the latest stable software release or the Android 14 QPR1 Beta. This suggests that the issue may not be related to software, though it doesn’t rule it out entirely. If it is a software-related problem, Google could potentially resolve it through a future update. However, if it’s a hardware issue, a replacement may be necessary. It’s worth noting that some users who sought replacements encountered the same behavior on their new Pixel 8 Pro, which complicates the matter.

To avoid this problem for now, users can disable the AOD feature and, if necessary, the variable refresh rate. Disabling AOD can help conserve battery life, while turning off the variable refresh rate might have a similar effect, albeit at the cost of battery life.

As Google investigates this issue, affected users are left to explore temporary solutions to mitigate the inconvenience.

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