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Pablo Picasso’s “Femme à la Montre” at Sotheby’s Auction

Pablo Picasso's
This represents an opportunity to own a part of Picasso's enduring artistic genius.

Pablo Picasso’s renowned 1932 masterpiece, “Femme à la Montre,” is slated to be auctioned at Sotheby’s in London, with initial estimates suggesting it could command a staggering price starting at $188 million AUD. This iconic artwork, “Femme à la Montre,” is anticipated to be the star of the Sotheby’s auctions, attracting art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world. The masterpiece represents a significant piece of Pablo Picasso’s prolific and influential artistic legacy.

As the bidding unfolds at Sotheby’s, art connoisseurs and investors will be closely watching to see if “Femme à la Montre” achieves a new record price for a Picasso artwork at auction.

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