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Nissan and their Independent Pursuit of Tech and Sustainability


Nissan is forging ahead with its growth plans independently, especially in the domains of software development and electric vehicles (EVs), as it seeks to finalize terms of a more limited alliance with Renault, according to sources familiar with the matter. Nissan is actively seeking partnerships outside the traditional automotive industry to develop software that connects vehicles to cloud-based services.

This move aims to address a relative weakness in Nissan’s quest to create “smarter and more connected” cars. While specific candidates were not disclosed, the focus is clear: enhancing connectivity in Nissan vehicles.

All-Battery and Plug-in EV Strategy

Nissan is formulating an extended strategy for all-battery and plug-in EVs, tailored specifically for North American and Asian markets. This strategy will be exclusive to them, marking the company’s commitment to advancing its EV offerings independently.

This shift towards independence is concurrent with discussions regarding a rebalance in the alliance between Nissan and Renault. This rebalance will result in Renault reducing its stake to 15%, aligning it with Nissan’s 15% stake in Renault. In addition, Nissan’s set to invest in Renault’s Ampere EV business.

For Nissan, the alignment of stakes and the newfound independence represent a departure from longstanding grievances where Nissan felt that Renault did not share its fair portion of innovation and development costs. The emerging strategy reflects Nissan’s belief that the 23-year-old alliance may have run its course in tackling major challenges.

As part of this independent approach, Nissan has no plans to offer engineering support to Renault’s Ampere. Furthermore, Nissan’s e-Power hybrid technology will not be provided to a gasoline powertrain-focused joint venture Renault has with China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and Saudi Aramco Base Oil.

They envisions a longer-term plan that will emphasize improved operational performance, electrification, and software development to enable features like self-driving and “connected car” technologies.

In a joint statement, Nissan and Renault expressed their commitment to finalizing partnership terms to enhance competitiveness, detailing cooperative projects for India and Latin America. They stated that investing in Ampere would strengthen Nissan in Europe and “accelerate new business.”

Nissan’s investment in Ampere will focus on technology, with limited operational involvement. If Ampere develops technology relevant to Europe, Nissan would consider separate acquisition.

This shift toward independence underscores Nissan’s determination to safeguard its technological advancements, including solid-state lithium-ion battery development and the e-Power electric hybrid powertrain, as it paves its path forward.

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