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Lobbying for FIFA World Cup Host Committees Begins

Efforts to secure federal funding for the 2026 FIFA World Cup host committees have kicked off, with several host cities enlisting lobbying support, including former Congressman Dennis Cardoza.

Foley & Lardner, a prominent lobbying firm, recently registered to lobby on behalf of World Cup committees representing Atlanta, Houston, Kansas City, Miami, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

The host committees are focused on “seeking federal funding opportunities and awareness for 2026 World Cup hosting needs,” as indicated in their disclosures.

The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be jointly hosted by the United States, Mexico, and Canada, spanning eleven host cities in the U.S., three in Mexico, and two in Canada. The tournament is set to expand from 32 to 48 teams.

In addition to those mentioned, Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and San Francisco will also host U.S. matches, with expectations of $5 billion in short-term economic activity across the host cities.

The U.S. government’s vision statement emphasizes a commitment to security against terrorism and other threats, as well as environmental protections, which could necessitate additional investments.

While the specific funding opportunities being pursued by the host committees are not detailed, the lobbying efforts reflect their drive to secure the necessary resources for the successful hosting of the World Cup.

FIFA is expected to announce the tournament’s hosts in May 2024.

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