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iPhone 15 Pro Dilemma: Screen Burn-In Complaints Surface

Complaints of screen burn-in issues have surfaced among some iPhone 15 Pro Max owners. Screen burn-in occurs when static images, like logos, appear to be permanently displayed on the screen, creating ghosting effects. These complaints have been observed on Apple’s official forums and Reddit.

Users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the rollout of iOS 17. Some have criticized the phone’s release, referring to it as the “worst phone ever released by Apple” and likening the release to beta testing on a production product.

Typically, screen burn-in issues develop over time and are more commonly associated with televisions or computer monitors. However, the appearance of these issues on a new device like the iPhone 15 Pro Max is concerning. The problem appears to be affecting the OLED display of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, as noted by user complaints and images shared online.

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