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If Liz Cheney Ran As An Independent In the 2024 Election, Trump And MAGA Politics Would Lose. With Cheney’s Help, The Traditional GOP Could Rescue Itself From The Extremist MAGA Movement. Republicans Like Sen. Mitt Romney, Former Governor John Kasich, Rep. Adam Kinzinger And Former Members Of Trump’s Administration Would Welcome The Chance To Cause Trump And His Movement Die Out And Be Held Legally Accountable For Their Crimes.

The idea of Cheney running as an independent for the presidency is gaining traction among American voters, with many traditional Republicans eager to show their resistance to Trump and MAGA. By offering a Republican alternative to those who refuse to vote for Biden, Cheney could potentially cause Trump to lose the election. With the support of former members of Trump’s administration, Cheney could generate more power than Trump’s small fringe base, which is known for its noise and violence rather than substance. While Niki Haley may claim to be a moderate, her admission that she would still vote for Trump exposes her as a corrupt opportunist. However, her actions in exposing Trump’s dangerous impulses and frailties are commendable and patriotic. It is interesting to note that it is women, not men, who are leading the resistance against Trump’s corrupt assault on the Constitution. Women are watching in dismay as Trump emasculates male members of the military, law enforcement, Congress, militia men, bikers, lawyers, and media professionals. The younger generations, such as Millennials and GEN Zers, are laughing at how an aging, out of shape, and unqualified man has become the symbol of masculinity, power, and bravery. Trump’s actions, such as degrading captured or killed members of the military and dodging the draft, only serve to highlight his own insecurities. Despite his attempts to portray himself as a tough guy, he is easily set off into a whiny, victim rant or a disproportionate display of rage. Even Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Liz Cheney, and Teresa Shook have not been intimidated by his antics. In fact, they have stood up to him, with Pelosi ripping up his “State of the Union” speech and calling for his second impeachment after he incited the Jan. 6th insurrection. Cheney’s leadership on the bipartisan Jan. 6th committee has also revealed compelling evidence of Trump’s violations of the Constitution. Meanwhile, Teresa Shook’s organization led the first anti-Trump Women’s March in 2017, drawing millions of men and women across the country and around the world. As more court rulings expose Trump’s scams and lies, it will become increasingly difficult for his loyalists to deny his true nature as a liar, Putin ally, traitor to the Constitution, business fraud, and sexual assaulter. In fact, his own accusations against others often reveal his own truths. For example, while he calls Biden corrupt, he himself is facing four indictments, 91 charges, and has been found liable for sexual assault and business fraud. 

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