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Globalization: The Rise and Fall of an Idea that Swept the World & Infected the West

The Conservative Resurgence has been a hot topic in recent years, with many questioning whether we are witnessing the end of globalization. Protectionist trends, such as tariffs and anti-immigrant policies, have been on the rise, leading some to believe that the era of free trade and open borders is coming to an end. This shift has been described as an “adapted radical or revolutionary” change, with countries like China slowing down their industrialization and Britain leaving the European Union. Some experts argue that this marks the decline of the form of globalization that has been dominant since World War II, while others see it as a necessary reconstruction of global trade. President Donald Trump has long been a critic of free trade, instead advocating for “fair trade.” To gain a deeper understanding of this issue, many have turned to the lectures of Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, who offers insightful perspectives on America’s role in the world and the changing landscape of global trade. To learn more, check out the playlist of his lectures on YouTube titled “America and the World, 2017-2018.” 

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