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“Exploring Gender Reversal in Toyin Ojih Odutola’s ‘A Countervailing Theory'”

Toyin Ojih Odutola’s “A Countervailing Theory,” exhibited at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C., immerses visitors in a captivating world that challenges established norms. Through 40 mesmerizing charcoal and pastel drawings, Odutola introduces an ancient, previously undiscovered society thriving in Plateau State, Nigeria.

In this enigmatic narrative, Ojih Odutola disrupts conventional concepts of civilization, colonization, and gender roles. The Eshu, a formidable race of women, rule over the Koba, humanoid men created for labor in mines or agriculture. These two groups coexist on a lush plateau, but the unexpected connection between Aldo, a Koba worker, and Akanke, a female leader, sets off a sequence of events that could reshape their society. Tragedy leads to the possibility of a new future, symbolized by the birth of twins, a merging of ideas and forms.

The circular gallery space in the Hirshhorn mimics the experience of watching a film, guiding viewers along a narrative journey. The captivating drawings, highlighted by pinpoint lighting in an otherwise dim environment, draw the audience into the story’s rhythm. The immersive experience is further enriched by a haunting soundscape created by Ghanaian-British conceptual sound artist Peter Adjaye. The ethereal sounds of West African percussion, wooden reeds, and synthesizer beds echo the story’s wonder and tension.

Much like a succession of compelling images in a motion picture, “A Countervailing Theory” weaves a narrative enhanced by lighting and sound. The drawings, varied in size and placement, evoke the storytelling found in graphic novels, creating a unique visual rhythm.

Ojih Odutola, a Nigerian-born artist working in New York City, presents her work as an archeological discovery, reminiscent of pieces in a natural history museum. The gallery displays a statement indicating her role as the director of the Jos Plateau Research Initiative at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. This statement speaks of her findings on “pictorial markings indicative of a civilization preceding the oldest civilization indigenous to the region.” These markings, seen on black shale rock, tell an otherworldly tale featuring humanoid figures in landscape dramas, creating a blurred line between reality and fantasy.

Inspired by her exploration of Nigerian history and a desire to create narratives of her own, Ojih Odutola’s work reimagines the past, turning historical constructs upside down. She seeks to present a history of Nigeria that is safe, exploratory, and queer.

“A Countervailing Theory” is a unique exhibition with a tightly woven narrative, distinct from other shows. It guides viewers through a thought-provoking journey, aided by Odutola’s meticulous writing process and her extensive research. The circular exhibition space intensifies the experience, making it more immersive. Peter Adjaye’s soundscape adds another layer of depth to the storytelling.

Ojih Odutola’s work challenges the perception of history and encourages viewers to question the rigidity of historical facts. The exhibition’s circularity, along with its captivating visuals and sounds, offers a fresh perspective on storytelling. The convergence of artistic expression, innovative presentation, and thought-provoking content makes “A Countervailing Theory” a truly exceptional exhibition that stands apart.

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