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E. Jean Carroll Stood Up To Donald Trump And Won. Last Week, A Jury Of Seven Men And 2 Women Awarded E. Jean Carroll $83 Million Dollars In Her Second Defamation Trial Against Donald Trump. Last Year, A Jury Of Six Men And Three Women Found Trump Liable For Sexually Assaulting E. Jean Carroll In the 1990s And Defaming Her While He Was President. Ms. Carroll Is She Exposing Trump’s Male Allies To Be Emasculated Cowards.

The majority of men reject toxic masculinity, as evidenced by the thirteen men on the two E. Jean Carroll juries who rejected the bullying, lying, and misogyny displayed by Donald Trump towards Carroll and other women. These men believed E. Jean, sympathized with her, and defended her by awarding her $83 million for the abuse she suffered at the hands of Trump. In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Carroll referred to Trump as “nothing” and stated that he is not someone to be feared. Men of integrity, like Senator John McCain, who showed respect towards women, have no respect for Trump. On the other hand, men who admire Trump share his toxic masculinity attitudes that seek to demean, control, and abuse women. McCain, a war hero, was ridiculed by Trump for being captured, tortured, and held hostage during the Vietnam War, while Trump avoided the draft by claiming to have bone spurs. E. Jean Carroll’s victory in court against Trump, with juries being mostly composed of men, shows that she is a courageous and strong woman, unlike the weak and cowardly MAGA men like Rep. Matt Gaetz, Senator Josh Hawley, and Speaker Mike Johnson. Trump’s behavior during the trial only further exposed his abusive and misogynistic tendencies, and his inability to control himself in court was a pathetic display of his true character. While his base may have enjoyed his explosive and faux macho performance, the majority of Americans see it as a sign of his entitlement and disrespect towards the rule of law. The courts have consistently held Trump accountable for his actions, and taking his money, which is his true love, is a humiliating blow to his tarnished reputation. E. Jean’s bravery in holding him accountable may inspire other women who have been victimized by Trump to seek justice. His lies about Carroll are easily disproven, and her victories in court may encourage other women to come forward. Interestingly, E. Jean Carroll was exactly the type of woman that Trump was attracted to in his early years, as seen with his first wife Ivana, second wife Marla Maples, and daughter Ivanka (whom he famously said he would date if she wasn’t his daughter). Despite photographic evidence of Trump and Carroll together in the 1990s, Trump has denied ever meeting her. This is just one of the many lies that Trump has told, and it is concerning that so many Americans either believe his lies or do not care about electing a president who is a proven liar. The fact that Trump’s abusive and disrespectful treatment of women may be what ultimately ruins him financially and politically is a testament to the power of women like E. Jean Carroll who refuse to be silenced and hold him accountable for his actions. 

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