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Donald Loses Again.The 11th Circuit Court Of Appeals Ruled Against Trump’s Claim Of Total Immunity From Prosecution For A Former President. It’s Infuriating To Watch Trump Get Away With Abusing The Court System By Filing Baseless Motions And Appeals, Wasting Taxpayer Dollars, And Jamming The Court Calendar With His Nonsensical Claims Of Victimization. A Middle Schooler Would Know That A President Cannot Commit Murder Or Break Any Law And Not Be Arrested. The Media Must Continue To Magnify How Feeble, Putin-Friendly, And Anti-Democracy Donald Trump Is.

Trump’s demand for complete immunity from all crimes committed during and after his presidency is baseless and frivolous. He is manipulating the justice system in a way that should not be allowed. However, the courts are wise to his tactics as the man who will challenge every norm, break any law, and assume he will get away with it. Justice is moving slowly to convict Trump for serious crimes, and his supporters who enable his criminal behavior are complicit. The belief that he should have complete immunity is an admission that he is an autocrat. Why else would he align with dictators like Putin, Bolsonaro, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, and Hitler? Journalists should ask Trump voters if they admire these leaders, as supporting a candidate means supporting their beliefs and actions. Republicans are being deceived by the biggest fraud in recent history. Trump has a history of failure, with multiple bankruptcies and a strategy of accumulating debt and not paying it back. Convincing donors to pay for his legal fees is saving him money and allowing him to exploit the justice system. However, the upcoming trials will bring forth numerous witnesses who will provide evidence of his crimes. The Department of Justice does not pursue cases they think they will lose, and the courts are sending Trump a message to pay up, shut up, and prepare for trial. He has a tendency towards violence, which is why he wants presidential immunity. Would he defend immunity for President Biden if he ordered the SEAL team to shoot white nationalist militia groups? When faced with complex problems, he resorts to violence and particularly enjoys seeing people get shot. Yet, he dodged the draft multiple times by claiming he had “bone spurs.” He was quick to condemn BLM protesters for looting, but called the violent Capitol rioters “patriots and hostages.” It is clear that he shares Putin’s ideology of eliminating those who oppose him. Anyone who wants Trump to lead this country believes Putin is not an enemy, minorities are inferior, and America should be a one-party government led by a life-term Republican president. This technically makes them traitors. It is infuriating to watch Trump abuse the court system with baseless motions and appeals, wasting taxpayer dollars and clogging the court calendar. Even a middle schooler would know that a president cannot commit murder or break the law with impunity. 

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