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Democrats Must Set Aside All Ideological Concerns Except For Standing Up To Protect Our Constitutional Democracy.  Trump Will Be The Gop Nominee. It’s Time To Stop Saying Anything That Risks Damage To President Biden’s Chances For Re-Election.  It’s A Time In History To Vote For The Survival Of The Country, Not The Particular Candidate You Love. It Is Also Time For Liz Cheney, Chris Christy, Or Other Anti-Trump/MAGA Political Figures To Run As Independents And Tank Trump’s Candidacy And End The MAGA Political Cult.

After securing the Republican nomination, will Liz Cheney follow through on her promise to declare her candidacy for president as an Independent? This would give anti-Trump Republicans the opportunity to reclaim the integrity and identity of their party, which has been overshadowed by Trump and his MAGA ideology. By rallying support from Republican politicians, military leaders, former members of the Trump administration, law enforcement officials, and even Democrats, Cheney could potentially defeat Trump and his movement. Chris Christie, the only candidate who ran against Trump and spoke the truth about him, has recently admitted that he was wrong in thinking he could help Trump become a better president by staying close to him as an advisor. He has since apologized and made statements indicating he will work against Trump’s re-election efforts. It is crucial for Never-Trump Republicans to organize and revive the non-MAGA wing of their party. If Trump were to win re-election, his supporters would likely experience a shocking reality check as he would no longer need their vote and could potentially become a full dictator. This could result in policies that ignore the needs of lower-class rural Americans, ridicule the religious beliefs of evangelicals, ban abortions, cut taxes for the wealthy, and endanger national security by embracing dictators. Trump is a skilled performer, hustler, salesman, and manipulator of facts and truth. Those who believe he is competent are either not well-informed, reject facts, have arrested development, are fans of reality TV, have a pathological hatred for Democrats, or share his cruel, racist, and autocratic ideology. Trump has rebranded the term “strong” to mean loud, cruel, threatening, and lawless, and his supporters at rallies cheer at this distorted version of strength. However, anyone with a basic understanding of psychology can see that Trump is actually an insecure, weak, and frightened adult child. He constantly whines, blames others, bullies, complains, pleads the fifth, dodges subpoenas, and delays facing trials. A secure and non-disordered person would not behave in this manner. Trump has also rebranded democracy for better SEO, but his actions and behavior show a disregard for the principles of democracy. His success has relied on filing for bankruptcy multiple times to avoid repaying debts, defrauding banks and insurance companies, not paying his fair share of taxes, defrauding students of Trump University, and misusing funds from the Trump Charity. It is clear that Trump is not the strong and competent leader he claims to be, but rather a master manipulator who has created a false image of himself and his organization. 

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