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Bye Bye Biden

Can you believe the ridiculous lies coming from Hanoi Biden? In a recent commentary, Styx exposes the insanity of Butthead Biden, also known as Hanoi Biden. And let’s not forget the foolish individuals who voted for him. Do we really have to listen to their nonsense at the next family gathering on Thanksgiving Day? All credit goes to the brilliant commentary provided by Styxhexenhammer666. (Viewer discretion is advised) Watch the entire segment and join the more than 10,000 viewers who showed up to support Mr. Styx in his first live and open chat. Don’t forget to subscribe! (Viewer discretion is advised) Join him at The post Bye Bye Biden appeared first on Flaming Liberal. Let’s improve our SEO by using the full name of the video and adding a call to action for viewers to join Styx on his channel. 

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