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Ellen Ferguson

Ellen Ferguson is a journalist at The Brains Journal, where she contributes to a variety of sections including News, Business, Tech, Art & Culture, and Health & Wellness. Her articles span a wide range of topics, from the evolution of music styles and fusion in art and culture, to the latest trends in 5G technology and health tech innovations, and even insights into holistic wellness and work-life balance. Ellen's diverse portfolio showcases her ability to cover a broad spectrum of subjects, providing readers with in-depth and varied content.

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Scott Berry

Scott Berry is a reporter at The Brains Journal, demonstrating a diverse journalistic range. His articles cover a broad spectrum of topics including technology, health, finance, art and culture, music, medical science, education, and architecture. His work provides in-depth insights into various subjects such as the latest trends in data analytics, insights into digestive health, developments in digital finance, and the evolving landscape of cultural festivals and street art.

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