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Apple’s Innovative Solution for Updating Unopened iPhones

Apple has devised a groundbreaking solution to streamline the process of updating iOS on brand new iPhones, and it comes in the form of a proprietary pad-like device intended for distribution to its retail stores. The primary purpose of this device is to update the iOS version of new iPhones without having to open the packaging.

This innovation is set to alleviate a common frustration for new iPhone owners who, upon booting their smartphone for the first time, discover that it requires a software update. With this new system, Apple retail store staff can place an unopened iPhone on the pad, which wirelessly activates the phone, installs the necessary iOS update, and then powers off the device.

The only minor drawback to this approach is that the iPhone may have slightly less battery charge left when you open it, but this is offset by the convenience of not having to perform the update manually at home.

It typically takes around three days for an iPhone manufactured in China to arrive at an Apple retail store in the US. This duration provides ample time for Apple to release any necessary iOS updates, ensuring that no new iPhones are sold without critical fixes or improvements, as exemplified by the recent iPhone 15 Pro overheating issue.

This innovative approach ensures that new iPhone owners can leave an Apple retail store with an up-to-date and ready-to-use device right out of the box.

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